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Summer time = Shearing time.


Summers here so its time to get busy and get our professional shearing team leaping into action.

After successfully shearing all our Alpacas and Southdown sheep we yet again have bags and bags of precious fibre to send off for processing and cleaning. Hopefully the end result will one day be the best socks and other clothing items you've ever worn.  

No more overhead power lines!


After lots of back and forth with UK Power Networks we finally agreed on the costs to remove the overhead power line running across our pastures and fields. The work went without a hitch and we're really pleased with the results. Another feather in our cap to making our beautiful Kent countryside green spaces as green as they can be.

Eco Ground Source Heat Pump installation


After looking into the eco credentials of renewable energy sources we took the plunge and installed a large array of ground loop in the main field. Not a job for the faint hearted but at least we're now well and truely doing our bit to offset our carbon footprint. Cheaper running costs for heating and hot water will also mean our over heads to run the farm are lower too meaning better priced fibre :)

Field Drainage Installation


Well we always wondered why it was called Washneys Lane, and then it rained and we knew why!

The fields at Little Washnesy Farm have very poor drainage and literally flood. Now we've invested in field drainage our animals can look forward to drier feet.

Rain Water Harvesting


What do you do with the thousands of litres of rain water that pours off your roof? you use that resource as a means to flush your toilets and water your plants, crops and fields of course. In 2016 we installed our rain harvesting system (as well as our super clean waste water recycling plant). 

Old Tractor gone - slightly less old tractor in its place!


With the infrastructure costs to run our farm being so high concessions have had to be made with regards to the luxury items such as a tractor with aircon and a working radio! For now our at least our 'new' 1984 Massey Fergusson will be taking up the main farming dutes in place of our (very) old and (very) rusty 1972 International Tractor. 

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The summer sun can only mean one thing - Alpaca and Sheep shearing time! 

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